Increasing Sales And Brand Loyalty With AJURA TECH

Building up your organization Brand is critical to driving clients to your business. The more a purchaser resounds with your image, the more probable they are to purchase from you once more. Making this loyal following of clients can guarantee progress and help increase sales of your organization’s products and services. ‘’The correct point of […]

5 Old School Ways Of Achieving Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is a word that every business associates itself with. The loyalty of the client and customers hold great value and an essential part of brand success. To get more customers into the store or on the website has become very important but retaining them is even more vital. The retailers have recognized the grave […]

6 Ways To Boost Online And Offline Sales

The purpose that businesses work towards is bringing in more customers and meeting the sales target. The thing that holds great importance is that the competition out there is fierce and getting results counts. Some errors could be made from your side as certain forces are beyond your control, so it is not a big […]

6 Tips That Will Attract Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

During the early years, customer engagement used to start when they entered the store until the moment they made a purchase. Now, in the new age, the era of the internet, it begins way before the customer comes to the store. Brands are advertising themselves offline as well as online and are always in the […]

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