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During the early years, customer engagement used to start when they entered the store until the moment they made a purchase. Now, in the new age, the era of the internet, it begins way before the customer comes to the store. Brands are advertising themselves offline as well as online and are always in the race of attracting maximum customers. Retaining the old customers along with building new ones is equally important and with that loyalty programs came into the play. Businesses have found a great way to celebrate the loyalty of the customers and giving them rewards.

Getting customers to join the loyalty program may not look like a big deal but there is extreme competition in the market. Below mentioned 6 simple tips will help you get more signups for your loyalty program in the right way.

Establish The First Contact, Personally!

Want your customers to be a part of your loyalty program for small businesses? What could be a better option than pitching the idea in person? This is one of the most effective ways, especially when you are running a brick and mortar retail store. You can either tell the customers about loyalty program yourself or through your employees. If you have a website too, don’t forget to advertise about it on the same. Those who haven’t been to your store but visiting the website will also get familiar with what benefits you are offering them.

If you are thinking that training employees on this matter can be a time-consuming task, well you don’t have to keep it that way. All you need to make sure is that the staff always and without fail asks the customers if they have a loyalty card before they make a purchase. The vital thing that you need to keep in mind is that the staff should understand the loyalty program and can explain the same in simply a sentence or a two.

The term “loyalty program” will intrigue the customers in knowing more about the benefits they will get. They will definitely make a purchase if there are sign-up or any other instant perks and discounts. Such benefits are appreciated not by new customers but also those who are regulars at your store.

Advertise On Your Website

Whether your business has a physical location or a virtual one, advertising about loyalty program is vital in both situations. You can start by putting a banner on the website or add a page called rewards to attract the customers. In one way or the other, make it a point to mention loyalty program on your site.

There are many ways through which you can advertise loyalty program on your eCommerce page. You can create a small pop up that will be visible to the customers every time they click on the new page or on any product. You can also mention it at the time of the check out so that if someone has missed your offer, they can click on it to get the special benefit or discount while availing more information on the loyalty program.

There are some important things that both online as well as offline retails must keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • If you want your customers to sign up for the loyalty program, keep it short and simple so that everyone can easily understand it.
  • Provide them with a referral link that they can share with their friends and family. Giving some reward or incentive on the same will get more and more customers to your loyalty program.

Make First Few Rewards Easy To Earn

Loyalty programs are a great way to attract customers or clients but if you wish to retain them and keep coming back for more, you have to give them easy rewards. Why a lot of business and brands fail at such programs? It is because their customers find it difficult to earn rewards and quickly move onto the next thing. They structure their loyalty program in such a manner that inadvertently it reduces the reward redemption rate, making it less desirable to join.
They forget the most significant thing in the book of business – “customer is the king”.

If you are starting a program like this yourself, keep in mind to make it simple, offering a couple of ways through which customers can easily earn the rewards. For those who have structured their loyalty program already, they can still avoid such problem by following the former advice. The benefit for the customer here is that they will see how hassle-free it is to earn rewards that will incline them to join the program and reap the benefits. Businesses are at an advantage that they get regular customers, boosting sales and goodwill.

Start rewarding customers/clients when they join, celebrate their birthday and engage potential customers by advertising your loyalty program on social media sites.

Appealing Rewards Will Draw More Customers

This might sound the most obvious thing but most loyalty programs fail because the business owners don’t take time to understand what exactly their customers want and that is an integral part of the rewards program. Some brands or businesses understand and take this factor into due consideration so they give customers discounts on future purchases or exclusive merchandise that customers won’t get anywhere else. At the end, what really matters is what customers want. If they get what they have been looking for, you get long-term customers who also refer your business to their friends and family. In such a situation both parties are happy and in winning position.

If you are wondering how to find out what customers want, let us help you. You can send emails to your customers asking them to fill up a feedback form and tell them what exactly they expect from a rewards program. You can also run a campaign on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account to get a strong response, even from those who are yet not your customers. These strategies give people a feeling that you (as a business) are thinking about them and care what they want, building a stronger emotional relationship between the two parties. In the long run, your goodwill among the masses increases and more customers starts supporting your loyalty program.

Use SMS And Emails To Your Advantage

It’s great if you have a good amount of customers but why settle for less when you can gain the interest of more potential customers by simply sending a text message or email? Now, you might already be having contact details of your existing customers, so start by sending them emails or SMS to tell about your loyalty program and what’s there for them in the store. While you are at it, make sure that whatever reward you are offering is mentioned in the first few words, especially when it’s a text message. This way, if the receiver feels like ignoring the message, the mention of the reward will grip their attention and they will take a look at what the entire SMS says. On the other hand, when sending an email, make sure you talk about the reward in the subject.

Want to gain more contacts? Put up email signup on your website as well as on the social channels to add contacts to your list. You can talk about your loyalty program that will encourage new customers to know more. You can further send them an email that talks about the same & direct them to your rewards page. When there’s a benefit for the customers, they will be more than happy to make a purchase to win the reward. This way of communication gives business owner as well as the customers the happiness of gaining something extra.

Organize An Event They Don’t Want To Miss

The best way to create hype about your loyalty program is by making the customers feel like they are missing out on something worth value. To make their curiosity peak high, you can run a weekend event where you will offer a big hamper or special discount. Your customers will quickly become a part of the program to make the most of the offer. You can also make it a monthly ritual keeping the customers hooked and coming back for more.

The twin benefit that you will gain here is that a lot of people will sign up for the loyalty program and will also give you the chance to reward the customers who have been regular. In addition to this, your goodwill amongst them increases and their loyalty towards the brand grows. Such events also motivate customers to complete their purchases that they have kept aside in order to reap the rewards. Keep the promotion simple yet attractive and see how that works like a charm.


Loyalty programs have been the most effective marketing tool. With it, not only the customer but the business also profits. Both the parties are at an advantage. These tips if followed the right way will help the brand gain more popularity and a lot of sign ups. Structure your loyalty program carefully and make sure, the reward is something that the people want.

The Author

Abhijeet Guha