Increase Conversions With Online Customer Engagement

When more people visit your company website, it is pretty satisfying to know that you are site traffic is increasing consistently. Your online customer engagement should be rising with the growing market like them providing their email or even phone numbers, investing in your product, etc. which multiplies your chances of getting your customers converted. […]

6 eCommerce Mistakes You Might Be Making

Without a doubt, eCommerce has evolved a lot in the past one decade and is standing tall as a profitable industry. Yet, selling products online is not an easy job. The primary goal of every such website is to attract a maximum number of customers and increase sales but that is not going to happen […]

Top 8 Reasons Why Customers Leave And Never Come Back

With every relationship comes a great amount of responsibilities, ups, and downs. Sometimes errors are made intentionally because we all make mistakes and even people forgive us too. But sometimes certain mistakes cost us our relationship, customers walk out that very second to never come back. As a business, try to put yourself in customer’s […]

10 Inventory Management Tips For Retailers

  Inventory management is crucial for retail businesses. Statistics show that 43% of small business either don’t track their inventory at all or apply an antiquated manual method. Effective inventory management is so important that without it, a business can be affected by costly stock outs and related issue. If we listen to the customers, […]

7 Best Retail Advice Every Business Needs To Follow

  Running a retail business is not easy and with time, it sees its share of ups and downs. If you are enjoying the up phase of the business or you are in the down phase, here are some tips that will help you to smoothly run your store and bring in more customers. Upgrade […]

5 Old School Ways Of Achieving Customer Loyalty

Loyalty is a word that every business associates itself with. The loyalty of the client and customers hold great value and an essential part of brand success. To get more customers into the store or on the website has become very important but retaining them is even more vital. The retailers have recognized the grave […]

6 Tips That Will Attract Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

During the early years, customer engagement used to start when they entered the store until the moment they made a purchase. Now, in the new age, the era of the internet, it begins way before the customer comes to the store. Brands are advertising themselves offline as well as online and are always in the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Loyalty Programs

There are more than 5 billion worldwide phone supporters and almost 1.5 billion dynamic social media accounts on the web, multi-channel marketing has been a characteristic thought for advertisers to connect with the most extreme measure of individuals. It caused an obscuring of lines between different promoting channels. In any case, irregularity in the experience and absence […]

SMS Marketing: Effective And Successful Customer Engagement

In today’s highly competitive era, customer engagement is a high priority. Effective customer engagement involves making your existing as well as prospective customers an integral part of your brand, and not just a means of revenue generation. This is where text message marketing services come in and help businesses to smartly engage with their customers […]

Some Common Guidelines for Sending Bulk SMS

Most businesses today use bulk messaging services to promote their products or services. Text messages still hold importance in the present age although there are several messaging apps available. Hence, marketers consider this medium quite important for their marketing endeavors. However, most businesses are unable to reap the full advantage of this marketing medium as […]

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