How To Build Your SMS Marketing Strategy Right

The viability of SMS marketing is undeniable. The excellence of digital advertising is that there are such a significant number of channels that you can use to connect with your clients. These channels integrate to make an advertising correspondence framework that empowers organizations to fabricate associations with clients and leads at an extraordinary scale. SMS […]

5 Things to Remember for Successful SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is still a powerful marketing tool in today’s time where we have ample other tactics for business promotion. However, not all marketers are aware of how they can gain maximum benefit from SMS marketing. In this blog, I have gathered some useful points that should be considered. Have a look: Cut the noise […]

Importance of Sending Promotional SMS to your Customers

When it comes to promoting a business, there are several tactics one can adopt. Promotional SMS is one such marketing tool that has shown significant benefits for businesses in the past and continues to do so. Let us take a look at the several advantages of sending promotional SMS to your customers. Send a prompt […]

Top 5 Strategies to Boost your Business Marketing

Whether big or small, these days companies need to put in the best of their marketing efforts in order to stay on the edge. The reason behind this is the excessive competition that a business has to face when it lands in the market. Also, the changing customer expectations make one realize that those long […]

Send Bulk SMS Online to Take Your Growing Business to the Next Level

Marketing is an art. A business needs a perfect set of tools and tactics in order to blow their trumpet and reach its potential audience. Amongst all other marketing tools used by businesses around the world, SMS Advertising is a great choice. However, amidst the global business environment, sending SMSs to a countless number of […]

Top 7 Business Strategies to Retain your Customers

There’s a famous quote that says “Assumptions are the termites of relationships”. For every business, whether it is selling a product or a service, it is crucial to maintain healthy relationship with the customers to make them keep coming back.  One has to follow different strategies in order to ensure that their customers are updated […]

Top 5 Business Marketing Tactics to Grow your Customer Base

There’s no doubt to the fact that marketing is an art. One needs to put in the right set of tools and techniques to reach their audience and grow their brand value. In this post, I’m going to share some of the best marketing tactics used by top marketers in order to gain an extra […]

Why is Bulk SMS a Better Promotional Tool?

  There are several tools and techniques in the market which helps a business to reach its customers and make profits. Bulk SMS is one of these tools which relates to the segment of people who prefer to communicate through SMS besides the modern-day instant messengers and chat apps. But does that makes bulk SMS […]

5 Useful Tips to Execute a Successful Bulk SMS Campaign

There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have revolutionized the way a business communicates with the customers. There are apps, instant messengers, VoIP calling and several other features to entice new audiences and keep in touch with the existing ones. However, despite this shift, the power of traditional text messages for communication cannot be underestimated. […]

Earn Free Calling Credits – VoIP customers can now make Free Calls

There has been a lot of development in the realm of VoIP calling. It is now possible to call an overseas friend or relative on their mobile without bearing the burden of high-cost international roaming charges. TalkPanda App provides VoIP customers with the facility of free international and local calls. The calls can be made […]

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