The Pros and Cons of Multichannel and Cross-channel Marketing

Nowadays, the customers are getting more accustomed to online shopping, which has led to the growth of various marketing channels across the world to reach to your customers more efficiently. Multi-channel marketing refers to the application of a distinct strategy across several platforms that can be done through emails, advertisements, retail stores, websites, SMS, etc. […]

Beginner’s Guide To The Customer Loyalty Platform

What Is Customer Loyalty? In simple terms, customer loyalty is his/her willingness to come back or work with a brand again and again. It happens when patrons receive a pleasant experience, satisfaction and value for the product or service they are purchasing. Brands work hard to provide great customer services to their customers, try online customer […]

5 Ways To Write Better Text Messages For Your Next Marketing Campaign

A productive way to make your business more prominent in the market is by connecting with the consumers frequently. One such clever method is through effective SMS marketing messages that reaches out to these potential customers easily. For that you need to have the phone numbers of these valuable customers for sms-marketing-campaign for which you […]

What Is Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform & Why It’s Important For Businesses?

Before we start with the main topic, let us understand the meaning of Omnichannel first. Omnichannel can be defined as a type of trade where the different channels of purchasing are combined to give the customer a more relaxed shopping experience. A valuable connection between a customer and a brand, the enterprise should be able […]

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