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Making voice communication over the internet a possibility, VoIP offers unparalleled benefits to telecom businesses around the world.  According to Future Market Insights, the corporate consumer VoIP market registered as much as 98.9 Billion subscribers in the year 2012 that accounts for $43.27 billion in global revenues. Further, it is forecasted that by 2020, these subscribers will be increased to 204.8 billion that accounts to the US $86.20 billion in global revenues.

Telecom Service Providers can easily leverage the services and features of a VoIP OTT APP or OTT dialer to expand their business in the telecom sector. While there are several OTT Apps in the industry, you need to go beyond the conventional and delight your customers with the best one. For this, you need a quite clear and concise choice of features. Some of the best and latest features that you can look for are here:


According to Flurry, an app analytics company, users spend 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile web, which means there’s a huge potential for your app to get success. Like any other app or software in the world, an OTT dialer needs to be quick and smooth in its working. A dialer app with higher time to execute will provide a bad user experience to your customers. So, choose an app that delivers good performance in terms of time, speed and efficiency.

User Interface

Design has got new trends. Gone are the days when the aesthetic appearance of a software was not given much emphasis.  Today, the average time that people spend on smartphones and tablets each day is 158 minutes. Out of these 158 minutes, 127 minutes are spent browsing mobile apps. Since users are surrounded by huge amount of data, it is important that your app presents an eye-pleasing and interactive UI to them. Blend of subtle and simple colors in backgrounds, easy access to navigation, innovative scrolling and the predominance of bold and big fonts. An app with these aspects will certainly be effective in its operation and offers good control to the human end.

Dashboard Integration for better customer tracking

Tracking customer behavior could be overwhelming when you have so much of raw data. But what if your VoIP app comes with a customer analytics feature that gives you a complete picture of your customers’ interaction with the VoIP app – navigation, origin, termination, etc. This helps you to evaluate users’ lifetime value, retention and frequency of usage.

Customer Support

No software in the world works just perfect. There will be errors, problems and glitches. Similarly, the VoIP dialer you choose might show problems when used by customers. Therefore, having in-app customer support will be a helpful feature that your customers would use in case of queries and problems. Moreover, it gives customers a chance to provide feedback about your business which ultimately helps you improve.

Feature Rich

Primarily, VoIP dialers are meant for voice communication, but in this competitive age, you cannot succeed without having an extra edge over others. So, look for advanced features such as display of User Identity for personalizing the communication, video calling, multiple international phone number subscription for enhanced business presence, etc.

Platform Compatibility

Android and iOS continue to rule the world of mobile operating systems. According to Gartner, Android and iOS account for a combined 99 percent of the worldwide smartphone operating system market. Android holds 86.2 percent of the market whereas iOS holds 12.9 percent which combines to make 99.1 percent of the entire market. It is therefore important to see that the dialer application you choose must be compatible with these two platforms.

Replacing the traditional telephony methods with a digitized signal, VoIP has certainly taken over the communication industry. As per Tech Navio, the global mobile VoIP (mVoIP) market is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of around 28 percent during the forecast period 2016-2020. Clearly, it’s time for VoIP Businesses to gear up with a cutting-edge OTT dialer to reap the best revenues.

The Author

Kanika Sharma