Bulk SMS Promotional tool

There are several tools and techniques in the market which helps a business to reach its customers and make profits. Bulk SMS is one of these tools which relates to the segment of people who prefer to communicate through SMS besides the modern-day instant messengers and chat apps. But does that makes bulk SMS a great marketing tool? We have the below-mentioned reasons to help you decide. Take a look:

Create Awareness

Whether it’s a new launch, the end of season sale, just a short-period discount, or any other offer that your business is offering to its customers, it important to ensure that audience is aware of the same. Bulk SMS service gives you the opportunity to circulate the latest news amongst your customers and create a buzz.

Saves Time

Sending messages to your customers is a quick process as compared to traditional marketing tactics that take a lot of time. Within a few mouse clicks, you can send SMS to thousands of clients.


There are several reliable bulk SMS services available online and the cost generally goes according to one’s requirements in terms of number of SMSs to be sent. However, if compared to other marketing methods, this comes out to be quite reasonable. It is always advised that a business shall choose a paid reliable service rather than use a free service.

Higher Impact

Advertisements on Television or internet, hoardings on street, etc. are not always present in front of your audience. However, a promotional message on their phone has a higher chance of being viewed and thus higher impact on the audience.

Easily Executable

Those traditional ways of marketing including street banners & hoardings need a lot of planning to get processed and ultimately showcase the message in front of your audience. Whereas when you send bulk SMS online provides an easy and quick way to spread your message across your customer base.

Allows Personalization

The message which you wish to send can be customized as the way you want. For example, you can customize a message with extra offers for your special customer base. Special codes can also be included in the message as per your requirement.

Easy to understand and targeted

As the name suggests Short Messaging Service, SMSs are short and precise in nature which means they contain only relevant information which makes them useful for the customer. Statistics tell us that as much as 90% of SMS are read within the first 3 seconds when received. Also, the ability to include links that lead to targeted web pages adds value 

There is no doubt about the fact that mobile devices are the key communication devices in the today’s world. Text messages for businesses provide an opportunity to explore and take advantage of this segment. All in all, bulk SMS service gives you the opportunity to reach your potential and existing user base quite effectively.

The Author

Kanika Sharma