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There’s no doubt to the fact that marketing is an art. One needs to put in the right set of tools and techniques to reach their audience and grow their brand value. In this post, I’m going to share some of the best marketing tactics used by top marketers in order to gain an extra edge over their competitors. Have a look:


Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to update your customers with any kind of news related to your business. The major advantage is that you can add a Call to Action button that will take the email reader to your website or the landing page where they can find more about your services. With a valid set of email ids of your customers/audiences in hand, you get started with email campaigns for your brand. However, some stipulation with email marketing is that your message will only get addressed if the majority of your customers are in habit of checking their emails.


There’s a misconception that SMS is gone. No, it’s a hidden treasure that demands only a small investment. Since most of the marketers prefer to go with the modern day marketing techniques, one can crack the goldmine by focusing on SMS marketing. Whether it is about a transaction or some promotion, a business can broadcast messages to its customers with the help of a bulk SMS service.  The best part of sending an SMS is that it lands on to the mobile phone of your customer/audiences, and we know that today mobile is the man’s best buddy. Moreover, a business can send personalized messages and can even add CTA for driving traffic and sales.


Flyers and banners are another effective tactics to increase the visibility of a business. Banners can possibly catch the attention of a huge audience if placed in the right location. However, it is hard to detect the sales derived from a banner ad since you have no customer data that actually saw it and took action. One important thing to be kept in mind while creating banners is that the message needs to be precise and to-the-point. Too much text and highlighting can create a mess.


Getting your business advertisement printed in the newspaper is a great way to enhance your brand value. A full-page or half-page ad certainly catches the attention of the reader. However, in order to make it to a reputed newspaper having a large reader base demands an investment as high as lacs of rupees. Investing such a huge amount for an ad doesn’t seem to be worthy or valuable as you do not get any ROI insights.


Ever seen those sales professionals sitting under kiosks with samples of their products on a roadside or market area? Well, it’s an effective approach to reach out to new customers and make people know about your company. A moderate amount of investment is required to execute this activity since you need manpower and marketing materials for display. 

So, these are the topmost business marketing tactics explained to you for effective business growth. What are your hacks for enhancement in sales and brand visibility? Share with us in the comments section.

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