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SMS marketing has been around for many years and is one of the most effective forms of communications when it comes to improving customer service. It allows businesses, regardless of size or sector to connect directly with their current as well as prospective customers. Also, plenty of organizations nowadays manage their customer data using advanced Customer Engagement Platform and text marketing strategies.

Effective SMS marketing services enable lifelong customer relationships, foster loyalty and generate high revenue. Everybody owns a smartphone today and, most keep it closer 24/7.  However, despite the phenomenal success of SMS marketing in the recent years and the fact that countless of text messages are sent are read every day, the reality is that many business owners and marketers are still in doubt when it comes to adopting this amazing communication medium.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing using printed ads, radio, and Television ads. While email marketing proved to be quite popular among marketers and customers, with an open rate of more than 95%, text marketing services are currently giving email a tough competition. The benefits of text messages marketing services can give your business an extra edge it needs to stand above in today’s competitive industry. If you are not already using SMS marketing for your business, read on this blog post to know why should you be using text messages marketing services to improve your customer service.

Personalized And Direct Communication

Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS or text messages marketing ensures a mean of communication which is personal, and hence direct. Marketers and business owners can craft the content of their business related text messages in order to keep communication with their customers intimate and engaging. Keeping customers engaging and happy will lead to an increase in sales. Therefore, personalized and direct communication with your customers can eventually add to the bottom-line of your business.

Affordable Option

Plenty of companies usually opt for SMS marketing services as they are incredibly inexpensive and affordable ways to reach the target audience. Sending online bulk SMS to a wider audience is much more economical when compared to other forms of marketing. The overall expenses of bulk SMS depend on the type of business. There are several SMS service providers out there that allow businesses to send only limited text messages per month. All in all, you need to pay only a couple of cents and the end users pay nothing.

SMS Delivery Reports

With the help of SMS panel (provided by the SMS service provider) that you are using to send text messages to your customers, you can get actual details about the number of messages delivered and failed. This helps you to better prepare for the next strategy.

Immediate Contact

Yeah that’s true! Text messages do not require an internet connection, which oftentimes considered as a significant drawback and fail us. The best thing about a text message is that its reach and reactions are instant. In simple terms, since smartphones stay with people all the time, text messages cut through the clutter and direct reach to the intended customers.

Builds Loyalty

This is a no brainer. Text messages are read quite quickly because people nowadays are almost on their mobile phones, with most of them using it already twice per hour. Using SMS marketing services for business, you can make your target customers feel special with creative offers, discounts, an invitation to sales and more. It’s the perfect way to build strong customer relationships and foster loyalty.

100% Result Oriented

If you are using the right SMS marketing strategy and targeting the right customers at the right time, you can rest assured to generate fabulous results in no time. With SMS marketing you can also generate the best quality of leads at a low cost.

SMS marketing services save time, money and are incredibly convenient for both the sender and the recipient. Being much more effective than email marketing and less obtrusive than a phone call, text messages services help businesses to get connected with their customers in an effective manner.

To take advantage of text messages, partner with the best SMS service. Remember that there is no better chance to strengthen your customer relationship strategy that right now!

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Smriti Singh