There has been a lot of development in the realm of VoIP calling. It is now possible to call an overseas friend or relative on their mobile without bearing the burden of high-cost international roaming charges. TalkPanda App provides VoIP customers with the facility of free international and local calls. The calls can be made to any international or local phone number across 200+ countries through the internet.

The only thing you need to make calls is calling credits. As far as the call quality is concerned, you will experience exceptional clarity no matter where you call across the globe.

Registering with TalkPanda is simple and easy. You just need to use your mobile number on our secure system and can use it as your calling id whenever making calls. An additional benefit is that one can make app to app calling as well using this app. This will help you save your calling credits.

How to earn free calling credits?

TalkPanda provides its users with a variety of options for earning free calling credits as mentioned below:

  • By watching video ads every day
  • By installing partnered apps on the phone
  • By doing the one tap daily check-in on the app
  • By referring your near and dear ones

When you watch videos to earn free credits, it does not interfere with your app experience. Also when you refer your friends, you earn up to 50 credits everytime someone registers and complete their profile.

Whether you are a student living away from your home or a businessman gone abroad for a business meeting, you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones without worrying about the calling charges as you can use free calling credits on TalkPanda.


The Author

Kanika Sharma