guidelines for sending bulk SMS

Most businesses today use bulk messaging services to promote their products or services. Text messages still hold importance in the present age although there are several messaging apps available. Hence, marketers consider this medium quite important for their marketing endeavors. However, most businesses are unable to reap the full advantage of this marketing medium as they are unaware of the basic guidelines for sending bulk SMS. So here we have added some tips for sending bulk SMS.

Well formatted Message

Sending a well formatted and organized message is important to attain maximum results. You should organize the text in a proper order to communicate clearly and effectively about your business goal. Unformatted messages are difficult to read and will be ignored by the receivers.

Maximum Clarity

Choosing a language that is easy to understand is necessary as your audience may not grasp the content properly if you use words that are hard to understand. You should use language that is appropriate according to the situation.

Accurate Timing

Sending SMS at the right time provides maximum results and greater ROI. As a sender of bulk SMS, you should abstain from sending messages in odd hours such as early morning or late at night because there is very less chance that the message would be read by your target customer. It is better to send text messages during business hours. If you are sending international messages then you should consider the time zone of your target customers and send the messages at an appropriate time.

Concise & Correctness

Be specific with your messages which means the use of data and facts in your message content. For example, if it is about some offer or discount, communicate the message in a concise manner. You cannot write too much in a text message, so it’s better to communicate your offer straight.

Appropriate Call to Action

Most marketers make this mistake of deciding the right call to action due to which the conversion rate fails to be impressive. You may send bulk SMS to tell the target audience about new offers and discounts. So your call to action should be in line with the message.  Reading the SMS, the receiver should immediately perform the required action.

Completeness & Courtesy

When you send business SMS, it is a good habit to be courteous to the recipient.  You should use words such as ‘please’, ‘thanks’ etc., which shows that you respect your customers. Also, your message should contain information about your customer support number or address in case he or she has any query.

Following these common guidelines for sending bulk SMS, you can increase your conversions and improve the ROI.

The Author

Abhijeet Guha