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In the recent years, the VoIP industry has witnessed an exponential growth and advancement. There were days when calling cards were used to pay for telephone services such as local and international calling. These physical cards were available with mobile service provider companies and resellers. But there were some stipulations attached to these cards. First and foremost one being that resellers had to bear the overhead of storing these cards safely as damage caused to the PIN number on the calling card makes it unworkable. Further, customers and resellers need to meet physically in order to share the calling card details. Also, resellers need to take a physical record of the sold calling cards or transactions which consumes time and energy.

How is Balance Transfer a Boon for VoIP Resellers?

Balance Transfer is a mobile VoIP feature through which any required amount of calling credits can be transferred to a mobile number. Balance Transfer has helped resellers in overcoming the stipulations of physical calling cards. Let’s take a look how:

Instant Service 

Balance Transfer provides resellers with an instant process of doing business. By just knowing the number of credits and mobile number, a reseller can instantaneously transfer credits to the customer. No more time-wastage.


Balance Transfer offers a convenient mode of service to both resellers and customers. There is no longer the need of physical meetups as customers can place their orders via phone or instant messaging to get the desired calling credits.

Easy to Record

A transaction history recording all the transfers get saved automatically with details including mobile number, amount of credits transferred and date of the transaction.

While people in the VoIP industry are looking for new and worthy ways to earn money, the balance transfer feature seems to be a useful way towards getting started. 

The Author

Kanika Sharma