Brand Loyalty

Building up your organization Brand is critical to driving clients to your business. The more a purchaser resounds with your image, the more probable they are to purchase from you once more. Making this loyal following of clients can guarantee progress and help increase sales of your organization’s products and services.

‘’The correct point of sales system should build your deals and your client’s loyalty’’.

Steadfastness programs help improve the client experience, drive deals and give profitable information to enable retailers to more readily comprehend their clients. Clients get discounts and gain rewards. Retailer procures abundance from this relationship as well as client maintenance, expanded deals, buyer information, and marketing opportunities.

The absolute best thing you can accomplish for your business today is to concentrate on building brand commitment and customer loyalty, one satisfied, well-served client at a time.

Everything changes when a client turns into a supporter. To the drawing in and faithful client, you are the only shop in the commercial center. The various brands and the various sellers don’t come into core interest. Like somebody in affection, the faithful client just has eyes for you.

Is it worth to invest in the brand following and customer loyalty programs? The appropriate response is yes! Faithful clients will enable you to drive sales of your organization’s products and services. Thus increasing revenue and brand image.

80% of your company’s future income will originate from 20% of your present client base. Making that base is one of the key exercises for your business- Pareto Principle.

How can we Build Brand loyalty?

We build up the significance of brand engagement. It’s not just another popular expression, yet a specific selling procedure. What precisely would you be able to do to make a loyal brand following base?

Brand Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Brand engagement and customer loyalty are interlinked. That is clear – you can’t have loyal customers if they are not happy with your product.

Now the questions arise! For what reason should customers pick your product? Who is your optimal customer? Before you can satisfy the necessities and needs of your genuine customers, you need to comprehend what the requirements precisely are.

Journey with Ajura Tech

One platform is Ajura Tech. It’s an overall the Best SMS Platform empowering you to propel your business. It sends modified SMS alerts to the customers at whatever point they make any trade online to make them stay refreshed at each period of shopping methodology. This stage is totally intuitive to use and it doesn’t require any gear or programming. With our SMS platform, you can keep up your SMS markdown business including point by point message testing, incredible routing, and esteeming choices.

Ajura Tech help organizations to create brand commitment and secure customers with targeted SMS campaign.

Ajura makes your business increasingly beneficial with SMS Campaigns.

  • Offers benefit at every step of the way: Due to the cozy idea of SMS, you ought to dependably be offering some incentive to your clients. Before each mass SMS message, contemplate internally “is it worth value to the customer?” If it isn’t, it’s not worth sending.
  • Feeling of desperation: Bulk SMS messages are practically immediate, with over 95% of clients accepting them inside 2 minutes. Ensure that your messages coordinate this feeling of direness as much as possible.
  • Locating the correct frequency: When it comes to bulk content advertising, timing is everything. Remember timing while at the same time settling on choices about how best to approach your group of onlookers.

How To Boost Customer Engagement Using Ajura’s SMS Platform

  • Keeping clients Updated

Using SMS to keep clients persistently updated on something that is imperative for them. Utilized effectively, it tends to be positive amazement for them to get the correct data at the perfect spot and time.

  • Notifications on Time

Use SMS to promote occasions so individuals get the data in an auspicious way. The quickness of SMS makes it perfect for advancing occasions that are time-touchy. You can likewise utilize SMS to help clients to remember imperative arrangements, pending buys, or their shopping baskets. This auspicious astute signal could be everything necessary for your client to connect further.

  • SMS integration with marketing and publicizing.

Get clients to content in an ‘SMS’ Keyword in light of a disconnected battle to unlock discount codes, extraordinary offers an invitation to the ongoing events which in turn boosts the brand engagement and customer loyalty

  • Focused advertising offers via SMS.

SMS is an amazing channel for focused promoting offers. In view of client inclinations and purchase history, you can plan updates reporting up and coming deals just as rebate codes or vouchers.

  • Knowing your Customers.

Client commitment isn’t just about gathering value from your customers, yet plunging profound to concentrate on the value you can deliver to your client. Gathering information to become familiar with about your clients’ needs, inclinations, purchasing behaviors will enable your clients to build up a passionate association with your organization. Be it through SMS surveys, overviews, or polls, go that additional mile to really become acquainted with your clients.

  • Keeping Customers Continuously Updated.

This current one’s an easy decision. Use SMS to keep clients constantly refreshed on something that is imperative for them. Utilized effectively, it tends to be a positive surprise for them to get the correct data at the opportune spot and time.

  • Introducing Loyalty Clubs

Individuals love feeling like insiders. Manufacture client speculation and devotion by making VIP and loyalty clubs depending on their purchasing propensities, inclinations, and other recognized data. Send focused messages, deals, early access to occasions and different messages that make them feel extraordinary and remunerated for their loyalty.

  • Tips to your Clients

This platform utilizing SMS gives you a chance to utilize client data to amuse them with auspicious guidance and attentive tips that helps to build up a passionate bond with your client with care and in turn letting your brand to progress.

70% of clients want to engage with organizations that utilize their own data to give progressively important shopping experiences for them. Executing personalization and focusing on could be as basic as expressing gratitude towards a client for an ongoing buy, guiding them to another item they may be interested in, or reminding them to purchase something they have brought before

Building up your SMS crusade is tied in with joining three key components: significance, timing, and immediate conveyance and response.

Lift up your sales with customer loyalty programs

Regardless of your industry, actualizing a powerful loyalty program can be an extraordinary method to pull in new clients, increment deals and energize your business. How about we investigate loyalty program trends in different enterprises. At that point, we will break three different ways to build your business utilizing a very much structured, tweaked loyalty arrangement.

On the off chance, if you think your deals are beginning to level or decrease, you must think of another system to get a money infusion into the business.

Regardless of whether your organization is doing OK at the present time, you need to ask yourself whether your present plan of action is feasible later on. It’s constantly vital to analyze the trends and plan ahead.

  • Implementing Referrals

The most established sort of advertising is as yet the best: At the point when current clients refer their friends, relative or partner to your place of business, they’re all the while helping you gain another client. Nowadays, referrals don’t simply occur face to face or via call. In reality, a great deal of the present referral traffic happens carefully—be it through email, social media based sharing or between smartphones.

  • Implementing Simple Rewards

Actualizing basic rewards, for example, giving burger, a free drink for “checking in” at your location on Facebook in order to create a ‘buzz ‘in your nearby network. Consider stacking loyalty points onto the accounts of clients who refer another person to your business.

With Ajura CEP, increment your loyal client base by keeping them educated about new offers and discounts every now and then. With Ajura CEP, you can impart your message to your clients by means of a few different ways like mechanized voice calls, messages and so on. With a higher number of dependability clients, your business gets the chance to develop more than ever.

Why it (Customer Loyalty) matters?

loyalty is vital in light of the fact that it’s simpler and more affordable to market to your present clients instead of getting new ones.

You have a 50-70% possibility of pitching something to your existing clients.

In any case, you have just a 4-30% shot of getting a deal from a planned client. In addition, securing another client can be up to multiple times more costly than holding a current client.

Moreover, an existing client will burn 67% more cash than the new one.


By the day’s end, the way to a fruitful loyalty and reward exertion is ensuring your clients feel esteemed for supporting your business. Clients who feel less valuable are likely to spend their money somewhere else. Get acquainted with Ajura’s SMS platform to promote your business effectively with a single dashboard.


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