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Have you ever considered using online SMS marketing services for your business? If you answered NO to this question, then it’s quite obvious you are doubtful and do not want to use this marketing strategy. Well, you are not only one to believe the myths surrounding this topic.

SMS or Text message is considered to be the most direct and cost-effective method of communication when it comes to one-to-one communication. For almost two decades, SMS marketing has ruled the marketing industry with high success rates. Despite the numerous benefits, it has fallen prey to a number of myths. Text messages marketing misconceptions are stopping a lot of businesses to take advantage of this effective marketing channel. However, it’s imperative for leading markets and business owners to know the truth behind these misconceptions in order to make an informative decision on whether or not to adopt this SMS game for their business.

To help out, we will unmask some myths about text message marketing services. Let’s get started!

Nobody Reads Text Messages

No way! This is one of the biggest myths, in fact, it’s completely opposite. The reality is that text messages have had a 98% click rate (according to Adobe). The majority of text messages are read within 5 to 10 seconds of receiving them and have one of the highest conversion rates when compared to other marketing strategies. In simple terms, text messaging service for business stand up as instant and reliable. Therefore, you must relieve yourself from this popular myth.

It’s Way Too Expensive

If you are sending too lengthy and too many text messages, this myth can be true! If your message is too long, they will automatically get divided into separate messages and you will be charged accordingly. Ideally, the text messages you are sending should be 160 characters or less. For successful SMS marketing, there are several points that needs to keep in mind. All in all, text messages services is not actually expensive if you invest in it through a reliable bulk SMS company in India.

It’s Only For Young Adult And Teenagers

Are you sure about it? Well, because it’s not true at all! This is another common myth surrounding online SMS marketing. Text messaging is convenient for everyone, no matter the age. However, many business owners and marketers still believe that texts only works for businesses targeting a younger demographic. On the contrary, older consumers are some of the fastest and constant adopters of advanced technology, that includes text messages. Older generations today use their mobile phones and tablets to text and also expect messages from their favorite service providers. No matter, who your target audience, you can better reach them over text messages!

It’s A Passing Trend

Absolutely wrong ! Text marketing, is definitely not an old school method! As previously mentioned, it’s an advanced marketing technique and is very much here to stay. So, if you are looking forward to continuing to keep up with your competitors in the market, it’s important for you to start to view this marketing strategy as not just an outdated trend but an essential tool. And, the next time you hear the myth “text marketing is outdated or a passing trend”, raise your voice, question it, ask for the proof, and don’t forget to ask it loud!

It won’t work for a small business

So wrong! Online SMS marketing can work for all types of businesses, regardless of size or sector. Text marketing can actually benefit smaller organizations more than larger enterprises. As previously mentioned, this is a relatively inexpensive marketing channel with high conversion rates that leads to high ROI. While, some business might experience better results in no time than others, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for your business. Text message marketing services can boost any size business, improve customer service and encourage brand loyalty in the market, making it perfect for small business.

To Sum It Up

Many of the myths surrounding text marketing are just that: fiction. So, instead of believing the misinformation about this vital marketing channel, it’s imperative to understand how it can help the bottom line of your business.

If you would like to get started with text message for your business, partner with best the business SMS service provider out there to get the positive results!

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Smriti Singh