Online Customer Engagement

When more people visit your company website, it is pretty satisfying to know that you are site traffic is increasing consistently. Your online customer engagement should be rising with the growing market like them providing their email or even phone numbers, investing in your product, etc. which multiplies your chances of getting your customers converted.

To begin with, customer engagement can be evaluated by some process like, how many people are visiting your page, the standard timing of how many people are there on the web page, if they are opening the emails that are sent to them. Different companies have varied interpretations of online customer engagement, such as quality recognition; consumerism and repeat purchase with a renewed price; other channels of retailing. To enlist more customers, you need to build an emotional attachment with them by using more systematic and durable methods.

Let’s go through some strategies that will increase the conversion with online customers for long term:

1. Company knowledge-It means that before you start experimenting with your clients, it is a better theory to start observing your own company and what you are willing to offer. You may have different schemes that will help you grow your enterprise, but if you are not willing to accept that there are some weak points too, all your efforts will be futile.

To get to know better about your company, who else is befitting to ask then the customer themselves?

For that you can use the technique of public-opinion polls or surveys where you can ask questions regarding the difficulties they are facing while purchasing the product, if the product is delivered on time, is it satisfactory and so on. But you have to keep in mind the survey doesn’t take too much of the client’s time as they will abandon it half-way if it’s too lengthy. It should be clear, evident and simplified, here are some tips:

  • The questions should be brief and simple to understand and answer.
  • Ask relevant questions related to your company.
  • Give three options below each question so that it requires a minimal amount of time and effort.

2. Reciprocal members- A team with mutual opinions can understand your objectives and help accomplish them. To do that, you can plan out multiple strategies for calibration within a team that causes more effective customer experience.

You can use interactive sessions where:

  • You can provide vital reasons to reinforce the formulas for the advancement of the company,
  • Providing diverse functions to every member of the company just like different flavors of ice cream so that each job is done completely that also includes fun.
  • Evaluate the outcome of the exercise on every representative because that is what will tell you who is doing an exceptional job.
  • Train them to realize that customer is the greatest priority, service to them is the major lifeline of the company.

It is a legitimate fact that if your team members are contented in the job, their duty and services will make your customers happy too. Here are some best retail advice every business needs follow.

3. Familiarity with customers- One more profitable approach is by getting to know your current consumers to build up the relationship and attract customers to join a loyalty program. You can follow various methods to do so, maybe through social media, seeking for their email address, asking for their contact numbers or simply organizing a contest with a view to making your website not only interesting to them but also getting to know about your client’s preferences thoroughly which in turn will lead to more conversions.

  • Whichever method you use, make sure that it is all defined in details on your website. In case you are asking for their email address or contact number, tell the customer what exactly you will use it for, how it is beneficial for them.
  • If you are using the means of games, make it certain that people participate and have the prospect of winning. You can even add a prize like 50% off on a product, that way it will be easy to make it more appealing. But this mode should be thought out carefully before putting to test.
  • Social media is a great form to gain a better perception of the potential customer, sometimes without even them knowing. You get to know if they are a regular user of it and can be helpful in promoting your brand. More so, what type of pages they are following on Facebook, or what are they posting on Twitter and much more.
  • Getting personalized with your customers in another means through which you can increase your sales. You can do so by sending them customized messages via mail or text message and making them feel superior, it will strengthen your bond and build up their faith.

4. Chatting live- This mode is positively appreciated by the customers as people identify it more convenient, helps lower customer expenses, works round the clock. All these leads to an increase in sale.

Interacting with your potential consumers directly will boost up your cordial connections with them. You can also provide exceptional support system by getting to know their problems as you are talking directly to them. The more rapidly you respond to their complaints, especially the ones in public conventions that others can witness, the more the customers are pleased with your enterprise.

Some websites use this practice to grant an exceptional service and promote Online customer engagement. Like:

  • Making live chat available instantly on the homepage,
  • People get more certain that they are talking to a real person who is ready to assist them,
  • It gives an approximate time to reply,
  • You gain the trust of the customer.

    5. Easy to use-
     This factor generates a quick and easy process to understand the services you are providing in general to the public. Since we are always on the run, it is better to adopt less time-consuming means to get things done.
  • If your wide range of products cannot be filtered easily, the customer will be confused and leave your site at once. Try to convert it into more user-friendly and easily accessible items.
  • It’s better to observe what you are doing wrong by going through your statistics carefully and fixing it up without further ado.



Higher conversion rates are a quite demanding and complicated task to accomplish. Yet it is not impossible to attain, you just must design an accurate and realistic plan. Every customer may not have positive feedback for your services but to increase your conversion rate it is recommended that your priority should be to improve the customer experience in relation to your brand no matter the outcome.

The Author

Abhijeet Guha