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Top 5 Business Marketing Tactics to Grow your Customer Base

There’s no doubt to the fact that marketing is an art. One needs to put in the right set of tools and techniques to reach their audience and grow their brand value. In this post, I’m going to share some of the best marketing tactics used by top marketers in order to gain an extra […]

Why is Bulk SMS a Better Promotional Tool?

  There are several tools and techniques in the market which helps a business to reach its customers and make profits. Bulk SMS is one of these tools which relates to the segment of people who prefer to communicate through SMS besides the modern-day instant messengers and chat apps. But does that makes bulk SMS […]

5 Useful Tips to Execute a Successful Bulk SMS Campaign

There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have revolutionized the way a business communicates with the customers. There are apps, instant messengers, VoIP calling and several other features to entice new audiences and keep in touch with the existing ones. However, despite this shift, the power of traditional text messages for communication cannot be underestimated. […]

Some Common Guidelines for Sending Bulk SMS

Most businesses today use bulk messaging services to promote their products or services. Text messages still hold importance in the present age although there are several messaging apps available. Hence, marketers consider this medium quite important for their marketing endeavors. However, most businesses are unable to reap the full advantage of this marketing medium as […]

Earn Free Calling Credits – VoIP customers can now make Free Calls

There has been a lot of development in the realm of VoIP calling. It is now possible to call an overseas friend or relative on their mobile without bearing the burden of high-cost international roaming charges. TalkPanda App provides VoIP customers with the facility of free international and local calls. The calls can be made […]

How Global Number can Add New Revenue for VoIP Service Providers?

It was a great news for the businesses around the world when they came to know that “Switching to VoIP can save small businesses as much as 45 percent each month over traditional phone service.” Ever since then, VoIP has become an essential part of almost every industry which encourages the VoIP service providers to […]

How Resellers are Doing Business using Balance Transfer?

In the recent years, the VoIP industry has witnessed an exponential growth and advancement. There were days when calling cards were used to pay for telephone services such as local and international calling. These physical cards were available with mobile service provider companies and resellers. But there were some stipulations attached to these cards. First […]

How to Build Your Own VoIP OTT App in the Easiest and Quickest Way?

Over-the-top communication apps are a popular trend these days. With the latest advancements in the realm of telecom and improved internet services are a clear indication that telecom sector is going to see exponential growth in the coming time. Further, the addictive adoption of mobile phones and other handheld devices has accelerated investment in the […]