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There is no doubt that email marketing has proved to be the most effective and oldest form of marketing. However, with the introduction of SMS marketing more and more people are increasingly turning to the latter option.

Do you know how many times a day you check your mobile phone? Well, the answer is here! According to a research conducted, an average person checks their smartphone around more than 70 times a day and more than 80% of mobile phone users open every single SMS they receive.

Today, SMS marketing has become extremely important for any business,  than ever.  Therefore, joining hands with a well-established  SMS service provider can help take your business to the pinnacle of success. If you are still not convinced, then let’s look at some of the major benefits of SMS marketing listed below.

Higher Click Through Rates

Higher click-through rates make SMS marketing more effective than email marketing. The reach and reactions of bulk SMS are pretty instant. Since people, these days keep their mobile phones with them all the time, there is no chance messages fail to get delivered to the users. In fact, messages are clicked most of the time when received by the users. On the other hand, it’s easy for emails to get lost in the spam folder. If you are looking for ways to reach your customers more consistently, you should definitely consider giving SMS marketing a try.

Effective Two-way Communication

When it comes to business growth, marketing holds value only when done two-way instead of one. Unlike emails that take a longer time to get delivered,  SMS marketing gives business owners an opportunity to connect their customers with new offers, news, and rewards, within few seconds via two-way SMS service. In simple terms, SMS marketing is a worthwhile investment for any business.

Personalized Connection

Unlike email which is always struggling in the spam folder and looks more generic, SMS is quite personal. The reason for this is SMS lands directly to the customer’s mobile phones.  As previously mentioned, mobile phones have become one of the most personal communication channels these days. People keep their mobile phones close to their eyes all day. So, by personalizing your business message, you can easily grab their attention.

Cost Effective

Not only SMS marketing is an affordable option for budgets of all sizes and shapes, but it offers a higher ROI. Spending just a small amount of money, you can entice more and more customers without breaking the bank. Also, crafting an SMS take much less time, as you don’t have to worry about the design of an email and how it’s going to look at different devices.

There are endless reasons why you should choose SMS marketing over email marketing, stated-above are only a few of them explaining why and how SMS marketing can be beneficial for your business than email marketing.

The Author

Smriti Singh