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SMS marketing is an extremely effective, powerful and excellent tool that help businesses across every industry. It helps businesses to convert more customers, foster brand loyalty, create cost-savings and boost sales during downtime. Text messages have two important things going for it: high open rates, and even higher response rates than emails. 8 out of 10 people choose text messages as an option to keep themselves updated and informed about business communication. Utilizing text messaging marketing services for business is definitely worth the effort. In order to have a successful SMS marketing campaign for your business, its crucially important build your database of phone numbers. It’s the starting point for any SMS marketeer.

Are you wondering how you can add valuable contact numbers on your SMS marketing list? Well, collecting customer’s contact numbers to subscribe to your text messaging marketing seems like a hard task. However, maybe after reading this informative blog post, it may become quite easy. Scroll down to check out some helpful methods you can apply to collect phone numbers of valuable customers to subscribe to your upcoming  SMS marketing campaign:

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Let’s face it, we all use social media nowadays. Well, chances are not everyone, but at least a huge portion of the overall population does. Popular social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter are some great ways to connect with interested individuals and businesses. Does your business have a social media account?  If you answered no this question, then you are missing out an effective option to connect with your customers and potential prospects. Utilize these platforms in order to encourage a list of people to sign up for your campaign via social media.

Just Google That

Often the best way to amp up your list of subscribers is to conduct a decent google search. Believe it or not, you will be amazed at what you find just by simply googling the names in your list. Chances are you will also get their phone numbers easily.

Use A Service

There is a solution for everything in the world, so why not just make use of it? You can also partner up with a complimentary service! For better outcomes, you can also offer complimentary services and products that can double your marketing efforts and attracts more potential customers.

Offer A Nice Perk

Most of the businesses collect customer details for many years by offering discounts or a free product on their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.  People are likely to trust any brand with their contact details if they get some sort of reward or discount in can also send them monthly or yearly bonuses based on their respective sign-dates.

Organize Events And Conferences

Both events and conferences can be a great opportunity to acquire contact numbers from your audience that seems to be interested in your survives and offers. While events and conferences can be quite expensive, it’s the best channel to reach out to a wider audience. You can also look for smaller events that can be easily sponsored. Try to use some of the smart techniques such as discounts, ebooks, customized items etc to encourage the audience to get involved and share their details. Following the event or conference, send a text message with a different offer, or ask for feedback about the event.

Few Special Points To Be Noted

Keep in mind that in return for your customer’s contact numbers and other personal details, you need to follow some rules to avoid losing a customer forever especially when he or she unsubscribes.


  • Always offer options for your customers to opt out
  • Provide valuable SMS offers
  • Avoid Spamming your customers
  • Guarantee privacy of customers’ details

So, you have started your SMS marketing campaign and are ready to get going. Thumbs up! What methods have you found effective to collect phone numbers for your text messaging marketing campaign? Share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know!


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Smriti Singh