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SMS or text messaging is no longer just a convenient way to communicate with friends. It’s an excellent mobile marketing tool that can be used by several businesses today. More and more businesses around the globe are adopting text messages marketing services as a part of their marketing mix. SMS marketing is a tried, tested and reliable method- using it to communicate with clients and customers ensures your business keeps up with the latest market trends and helps ultimately win more and more customers. In short, SMS marketing is growing rapidly and is here to stay. And, if you haven’t yet taken the plunge, you are probably already four steps behind everyone else.

SMS marketing is effective, instant and affordable, but that’s not all. There are endless reasons to prefer SMS or text messages marketing services for your business. Some of them are as follows:

Proven Medium

This is a no brainer. Text messaging service for business is quite effective. SMS or text messages have almost 90% open rate, and the majority of people read them within 3 seconds of delivery. Despite the rapid growth of messaging apps, a text message has the power to stop people whatever they are doing and check their inbox as soon as a buzzing sound comes. It’s a proven and powerful medium. Furthermore, SMS has higher conversion rates when compared to other marketing channels.

Direct And Immediate

SMS marketing is wonderful. It is immediate and direct. Business owners and marketers can send text messages directly to their target customers. As previously mentioned, people read text messages within a few seconds, so this way you can take advantage of the latest offers and deals.  And, the best thing is there is no need to have an internet connection to open and read a text message. Also, text messaging is a two-way communication medium, it means you can receive messages directly from your customers too.

No Filters

This is a great benefit of using SMS marketing for your business. Unlike email,  a text message does not have to go through spam or another filter. In short, it will directly reach to your customer’s inbox without any filtration. Hence it ensures better customer engagement and involvement.

To The Point

With just 160 characters allowed to include in a text message, it ensures that your message is short and concise. Using SMS marketing you can get straight to the point and tell your customers what you exactly want them to know about your services and products, making it easy for them to understand your business.

Pretty Simple

In today’s hectic life schedule, it’s sometimes quite difficult to take in so much information at once. Adverts go ignored, emails left unread and leaflets discarded. However, on the other hand, a text message is quite simple and short and, can be easily grabbed without getting messy. It actually makes sense, when was the last time you ignored a text message?

Cost-Effective Option

Have you ever tried newspaper advertising for your business? From printing to publishing cost, this marketing method gets quite expensive. However, with SMS marketing you are free from all types of expenses like newspaper space and so on. Partnering with best business sms service provider, you usually pay for the services you are using only one time and so on. Some providers offer monthly plans to those who plan to send Bulk SMS. all in all, SMS marketing is more economical to utilize for business than any other marketing tool.


When you search for a business’s address online, do you use your mobile phone or laptop to do so? Well, more than likely, you use your smartphone! In this mobile era, being able to present your business (regardless of sector or size), as mobile-friendly is crucially important. Majority of people are using mobile devices these days to do stuff like browsing and shopping. Nobody wants to lose out on such kind of exposure. Therefore, think wisely and make your business mobile-friendly with the help of SMS marketing services.

We hope this informative blog post has helped you understand the value of SMS marketing for your business, and how the use of this helpful tool can strengthen your customer relationships.

If you are a marketer or business owner who haven’t tried text message marketing services yet, what are you waiting for? Jump into SMS marketing’s bandwagon and see how this effective weapon shapes your business’s future.

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