Successful SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is still a powerful marketing tool in today’s time where we have ample other tactics for business promotion. However, not all marketers are aware of how they can gain maximum benefit from SMS marketing. In this blog, I have gathered some useful points that should be considered. Have a look:

Cut the noise

Consumers want good value in return of their time and money. Messages that don’t provide value can be easily ignored and even customers can opt-out to receive them. You need to ensure that your business messages are meaningful and useful for the customers.

Segment your audience

Segmentation of customers is the key to ensure that you are sending relevant messages to them. Sending out messages about a lipstick brand to men is not going to get you anywhere. It will simply result in a zero response rate and even opt-outs. Figure out some areas based on which you can do segmentation. For example, geographical area, age, gender, past purchases, etc. can be some parameters to classify your audience.

Check the count

Sending too many or repetitive messages to your customers can become a major reason behind your drowning revenues. Understand that if you try to push your customers too much, than they can easily get annoyed. You need to become smart about the number of promotional SMS campaigns to be released.

Update, Update, Update!

Are you using the same database list past several years? Well, you are losing time and money. Sending business messages to contacts that haven’t opened your message a single time is simply of no use. Also, you need to understand that people change their mobile numbers which means you are sending your promotions to wrong people.

It is important to clean your database time to time by deleting contacts that do not open your messages from past couple of months. Also, you need to respect the opt-out decision of your audience by removing them from your database.

Time it right

Based on your customers’ geographical area and time preferences, you need to schedule your SMS campaigns. Sending on odd timings increases the probability that your message will go unnoticed. In order to figure out the best time for sending, check the ‘message opening timings’ in your campaigns.

So, these aforementioned tips are going to help you when you send bulk SMS online. Share your views with us! You can also read our post on Importance of Sending Promotional SMS to your Customers

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Kanika Sharma