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Customer satisfaction is one of the major priorities of any business. As John Rampton said it so right – “Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their needs and wants impact every aspect of your business.” However, while serving customers with the best, a business needs to earn its own profit as well because only then it would be able to run and survive. Since the Telecom industry has already taken significant leaps, there are several telecom service providers who are coming up with innovative products and ideas to delight their customers.

Innovative & Cost-Effective Calling Apps

In the realm of VoIP, calling apps that allow users to make local and international calls over the internet are a real boon. Why? Callers need not bear the high-cost operator charges. They just need their mobile phone connected to the internet either through a WiFi Network or a high-speed network and can make free calls to anyone over any distance.

Apps like Talk Panda that have entered the market recently allows its users to make calls via internet directly on a local or international phone number. The best part is that users can earn free calling credits to make unlimited calls across 200+ countries. On the other hand, Service Providers earn profit from ad companies as a result of TalkPanda users watching videos and doing other activities to earn their free credits. This is clearly a win-win situation.

TalkPanda is a smart calling app that offers exceptional voice quality. With this app, you can use your own mobile number for calling local and international numbers or you can also make calls using the app itself to save your call credits. Talkpanda users can also purchase Outcall Packages using the app which are basically minute-based packs for countries where call rates are quite high like Nigeria, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, etc.

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Kanika Sharma