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No doubt online SMS indeed offer a great marketing path to all businesses, regardless of size or sector. Nowadays, the target-customers are never without their mobile devices, which make text message marketing services the best possible way to communicate with them. In short terms, SMS solutions is an effective way to reach out to existing as well as prospective customers.

This mobile era is taking over the traditional methods of marketing. Which makes sense, considering that already a wider audience is using mobile devices over desktop computers. So, if your business requires an easily implemented formula to connect with a wider audience, you could not do much better than sending a well-crafted text message!

Sending timely text messages to visitors can help business owners and marketers convert them into loyal customers in no time at all. However, blindly messaging your prospective customers about your products and services can only worsen the scene. For that purpose, it’s good if the marketer follows effective practices and tips on how to maximize success.

Know Your Target Customers

If the right text message is not delivered to the right customers, then it would be considered as irritating and spam. In order to make sure that your marketing efforts work well, you should know who your target customers are, whom you are pitching to and why he or she would be interested in your services or products. Remember that, not all text messages are meant for all people. When using text messaging service for business, this becomes more important in the light of fact that each text message should be customer based. Knowing your target customers ensure that the right customers receive the relevant information about your business and make the difference between spam message and information one. Additionally, paying attention to a customer’s buying history and collecting his or her demographic data can help effectively.

Do Not Cram The Text Messages

Keep in mind, that you have only 160 characters to create a message for your customers. So, for the most cost-effective and impactful SMS campaign, you need to choose words carefully.  Be concise and keep your text messages short. Don’t drag it large. Your customers are not interested in long speeches and descriptions giving away the details of the products and services. Your text message should relate with your business offerings and you should try to avoid using caps, emoticons, and abbreviations. Also avoid cramping your promotional text messages with a different sales pitch, and try to go to point straight away.

It’s All About Right Timing

Text messages are all about immediacy and most people often open and read a text message within 2 to 3 seconds after it has been received. Timing enhances the possibility your customers will open and read text messages and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are giving enough time to act on the messages sent. In simple terms, timings matter a lot!  Right time of sending a promotional message ensures that your target customers do not see it as spam or get withdraw with the service. Be careful and avoid sending out online SMS too early in the morning or too late in the evening. Right timings of sending promotional messages should be perfectly tuned with the purpose of your SMS marketing and target customers. In general, standard business hours of 10 am to 9 pm are most effective for SMS marketing.

Include A Clear Call – To- Action

A CTA or Call-To-Action is a sentence that makes a customer to take an action. So, check to make sure that the reason for your online SMS is made clear.  If you want the recipient to act on your online SMS, then it’s important for them to know what is need to be done in order to get benefited from the piece of information they have been sent. Start your text with an impressive and well-timed Call-To-Action, instead of using too long sentences. Craft an actionable message, so that your target customers understand your offerings and show interest to make a purchase from you.

Online SMS Marketing Services can prove to be fruitful when it’s carried out correctly. Follow the above-mentioned practices and you are bound to reach a wider audience than you ever imagined possible.

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