Business StrategiesThere’s a famous quote that says “Assumptions are the termites of relationships”. For every business, whether it is selling a product or a service, it is crucial to maintain healthy relationship with the customers to make them keep coming back.  One has to follow different strategies in order to ensure that their customers are updated with their latest business news and offerings.

Here in this blog, I’ve gathered a list of different useful tactics for customer retention:

Utilize your Employees’ Talent

Your employees are your number one asset who can convince customers in building a faith towards your brand. For this, you can define employee goals and reward them if they are successful in achieving their goals. This helps in building an authentic brand experience which definitely attracts  

Understand ‘Why They are Leaving?’

Try to relate with your customers at a personal level. Figure out what their needs are by listening carefully and proactively to them. Get to know their likes and dislikes as this can be a lot valuable in making your business sustainable.

Create Loyalty Programs

You must have been to a cafe, for instance Starbucks, where on your order you receive some points or a free coffee on your next purchase. No matter how small or big purchase a customer makes from your business, receiving incentives from your side helps a lot in retaining them.

Encourage Participation

It is important to keep your customers in loop as your business moves further. Ask them for ideas, suggestions and feedback. Create a customer advisory team or an online customer forum to know their needs. Also, invite them to company events, outings, etc. to promote partnership.

Check Customer Experience

Do not rely on outdated customer experience strategies like mass marketing. From the welcome email till convincing the customer to continue with your business, all you need is personalized content.

Keep them Updated

Customized bulk SMS service can be a lot helpful in this scenario as you can send messages to your customers providing latest business information or redirecting them to your web page by inserting URL inside the message. 

Offer Simple Payment Methods

Don’t make payment a hassling experience for your customers. Ensure that once they make a purchase, they can simply use the billing and shipping information on their next order as well. Also, you need to ensure that the payment methods that you are providing are reliable, popular and secure. All in all, just keep it simple.

The Author

Kanika Sharma